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Jam Tarts, a fresh literary magazine


We want to hear from you

Thank you for reading and supporting Jam Tarts Literary Magazine. If you have a comment on the content, design, or other aspect of the magazine, please do be in touch; just fill in the form on this page and someone will respond as soon as possible.


Interested in contributing? We're looking for fresh works that represent and challenge a wide variety of complex tastes. Surprise is often a key ingredient. Why else read? 

Send your original poetry, fiction, or non-fiction to for consideration. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just please indicate this in your cover-letter.

Jam Tarts Literary Magazine publishes once a year, in a digital format (online only). To keep the mix alive, there can also be interim updates published (e.g., Issue #1.5) throughout the year, with additional fresh content folded into the already published material of a particular issue. As a result, submissions are read year round. 

We aim to reply to each author's email within 90 days. Our acceptance rate is about 7%. 

Since the magazine is free to read online, there is no fee to submit work and no fee paid for acceptance of work

We are currently reading submissions for Issue #5, which will be on the theme of "disgust." If you have work that will fit into, extend, augment, or even complicate this theme, please send it along.  

To be considered for Issue #5, which will publish in July 2018, send your work(s) to the editor by April 15, 2018

Send us your original, unpublished essays, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, and other creative genres on this theme of disgust that will surprise, enlighten, and delight (with disgust) our growing readership.

**We are actively seeking writers and poets with diverse backgrounds who can interpret this theme, to make it new. Such voices are important and need to be heard.**


The magazine addresses itself to demanding readers of all sorts. At its core, Jam Tarts is a platform for a range of emerging and established writers and artists to discuss matters of taste.

"Taste" may seem like a niche topic, even for a literary magazine; but so far, the numbers suggest otherwise.

Jam Tarts receives between 200 and 800 unique visitors every month. Page views range between 1,500 and 4,500 each month. For comparison, the print circulation of an established magazine like Virginia Quarterly Review is around 3,000.

From the inaugural issue in April 2015 to the end of the year, December 2015 (8 months), the magazine received over 14,500 page views and welcomed over 3,500 unique visitors total. 

Most readers access our digital-only magazine from within the United States, although there are growing numbers in Australia, the UK and across Europe.

About 61% view Jam Tarts on their desktop, with 39% preferring to read the magazine on a mobile device.

For more information on what Jam Tarts is all about, read an interview with the founding editor, at The Review Review.

Advertising and Financing

The editor promotes the creative works within the magazine via digital channels, at his own expense. However, the editor does not and will not publish any advertisements in the magazine, nor does the magazine receive any outside funding or support to off-set any of its expenses. Because no money is taken in, no money is given out. 

Reprint requests

All copyrights are held by their respective author or artist. If you are interested in reprinting a work seen in Jam Tarts Literary Magazine, please contact for more information.

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