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Jam Tarts, a fresh literary magazine

Frequently Asked Questions


What style of literature does Jam Tarts publish?

Jam Tarts is dedicated to publishing fresh works and voices across a range of styles which challenge or extend cultural tastes and literary and artistic traditions in unique, memorable ways. The main ingredient we look for is surprise. 

For more information on what Jam Tarts is all about, read an interview with the founding editor, at The Review Review.


Is there a fee to submit/Payment for publication?

Since Jam Tarts is freely available to read online, and since we do not take money from advertisers or other sources, there is neither a fee to submit work nor payment for publication of work. What money there is from the editor's personal slush fund goes toward advertising the magazine itself and promoting the works within.  


When is the reading period/how do I submit work?

Send your original poetry, fiction and nonfiction to for consideration. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just please indicate this in your letter. We're a small operation, so we appreciate your understanding, support, and patience. We aim to respond to each submission within 90 days.

Jam Tarts Magazine publishes once a year, with a complete digital edition coming out usually in the summer, with possible additions and updates made throughout the year. Content from issue to issue thus changes company in a variety of ways over the course of a full year: A Fall update can augment the full Summer issue; then those Fall additions continue through the Winter, and the Winter update likewise builds with several Spring updates, until the next issue is released that Summer.



All visual and textual works in Jam Tarts Magazine are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No-Derivatives 4.0 International License. Copyright resides solely with each author, and may not be used for any other purpose except with written permission from the author. If you are interested in reprinting a work found herein, please contact


Is there an Email List?

No, not currently. Please follow Jam Tarts Magazine on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep in touch.