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Art by Mary T Wright

Art by Mary T. Wright

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Artist's Statement


These paintings come from a respect for the mystery and darkness of the woods.

When I am bushwhacking in the woods around me, much as I know where I am, it is still easy enough to get lost, but I have learned to orient myself by big boulders. They stop me in my tracks, immense, dark and their presence, palpable, and yet, so unknowable. The boulders could have come from middle earth to a mountaintop only to be dropped where they are by a glacier. It stuns me how much they have witnessed, how far they have travelled. They remind me how brief our human journey and how little we know. 

The boulders clearly so dense according to my physical senses, but what does physics tell us, the boulders are made of atoms, in other words they are mostly space. 

Here, too, is an odd thing about this series:

Most of these paintings are best viewed by holding them in your hands. Many of them are on paper and very tactile. It is quite satisfying holding them. They resist framing and staying on the wall.


—Mary T. Wright

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